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Division Street, Vann to Stockwell Relocation

This project involves the relocation  1500 LF of 16" water main north of SR 66 and relocation of 200 LF of 12" water main south of SR 66 west of Stockwell Avenue in preparation for road improvements planned for this area as part of the Lloyd4U project. 

Project Team


Project Owner - Evansville Water & Sewer Utility

Evansville, Indiana

Program Manager - American Structurepoint, Inc.

Evansville, Indiana

Project Designer - Clark Dietz, Inc.

Evansville, Indiana

Construction Engineering Services - American Structurepoint, Inc.

Evansville, Indiana

Contractor- SAMM Trucking and Excavating, Inc.

Newburgh, Indiana

Project Update

  • Recent Progress (June 2 to June 8)

    • SAMM continued installation of the 16” DI water main along Division Street. 

    • Culy Contracting completed the 16” wet tap on Division Street.

  • Anticipated Activities for Upcoming Week (June 2 to June 8) 

    • SAMM intends to complete installation of the 16” DI water main along Division Street. 

    • SAMM intends to perform hydrostatic testing and chlorinate the water main between the 16” wet tap and station 19+70.

Active and Scheduled Closures


  • Flagging as necessary on Division Street between Stockwell Road and Vann Avenue


  • No closures are scheduled

Project Schedule

  • South of Lloyd (4/1/24 - 4/22/24)

    • Mobilize

    • Install erosion control measures 

    • Install water main and abandon existing water main 

    • Site restoration

  • North of Lloyd (4/22/24 - 6/16/24) 

    • Mobilize​

    • Install erosion control measures

    • Install tapping sleeve and valve

    • Install water main from Vann to Stockwell 

    • Pave Division Street 

    • Site restoration 

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