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Speaker Road, James Avenue, Nolan Avenue Water Main Replacements 

This project includes the installation of approximately 2,900 feet of new 8” water main pipe, 18 new gate valves, 6 fire hydrant assemblies, 33 water service replacements and related improvements on Speaker Road from Broadway Avenue to Nolan Avenue.  James Avenue and Nolan Avenue west of Speaker Road is also included in this project.   

Project Team


Project Owner - Evansville Water & Sewer Utility

Evansville, Indiana

Program Manager - American Structurepoint, Inc.

Evansville, Indiana

Project Designer - Clark Dietz, Inc. 

Evansville, Indiana

Construction Engineering Services - American Structurepoint, Inc.

Evansville, Indiana

Contractor- Infrastructure Systems, Inc.

Orleans, Indiana

Road Closures and Boil Advisories

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Project Update

  • Recent Progress

    • A preliminary walkthrough Punchlist inspection was held August 18th.

    • Punchlist work is ongoing. 

  • Active and Scheduled Road Closures

    • Active

      • No active road closures

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