North Kerth Avenue Water Main Replacement


U1130 Map
U1130 Map



This project includes the installation of approximately 1,300 feet of 8" diameter water main pipe.

Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2021.

Project Team


Project Owner - Evansville Water & Sewer Utility

Evansville, Indiana

Program Manager - American Structurepoint, Inc.

Evansville, Indiana

Project Designer - Clark Dietz, Inc

Evansville, IN

Construction Manager - American Structurepoint, Inc.

Evansville, Indiana

Contractor- BMB, Inc.

Newburgh, IN

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Project Update


Recent Progress (June 27 to July 3) 

  • David Enterprises completed the installation of HMA patching on North Kerth between Christ and St. George. 

  • BMB completed lawn restoration and final grading activity throughout the project corridor. 

 Anticipated Activities for Upcoming Week (July 4 to July 10) 

  • BMB intends to complete the cut and cap of the existing 4” water main, pending successful location of the existing water main on the north side of St. George. 

Project Schedule

North Kerth Avenue

  • Water Main Installation - Complete

  • Water Service Line Installation (individual customer outages) - Ongoing

  • Water Main Final Connections (water main outages) - Late June 2021

  • Restoration (pavement patching, lawn seeding) - Late June 2021